Resources to help you plan and run the conference at your parish

MEN OF CHRIST® Conference Resources

You can download complete instructions on running the conference at your parish in our Playbook. You will also find resources to help you with bulletin announcements, email invitations, flyers and posters, suggested texting invitations and how to run a call-a-thon to help encourage attendance.

Why attend the MEN OF CHRIST® Conference

An urgent message from our very own Joe Dentice, now battling inoperable brain cancer.
Why attend the MEN OF CHRIST® Conference
Kevin O'Brien answers a few questions about the 2022 conference!
An invitation to attend the MEN OF CHRIST® conference, from Archbishop Jerome E. Listecki.

2022 Conference Speakers

We Need Heroes - Archbishop Jerome Listecki
Retaking the Culture by Remaking the Culture - Dr. Peter Kreeft
Using the Full Spiritual Weaponry of the Catholic Faith - Fr. Cajetan Cuddy
Authentic Masculinity - Fr. Burke Masters
Invitation to Reconciliation - Fr. John LoCoco
The Wake Up Call - Kevin O' Brien

Social Media Image Assets

Facebook graphics to promote the conference on your parish or personal page.