It started with a conference.
It’s become a brotherhood.

Back in 2006 four men lamented the fact that there wasn’t an authentic outreach to men in the archdiocese of Milwaukee. Rather than wait for something to happen, they did something about it—the following spring later the first Men of Christ conference was held in West Bend, Wisconsin, attracting 1,250 men. The message was clear—an apostolate was needed to help men be better leaders of their families.

Over the years the conference grew and today more than 5,000 men participate in the annual event. In 2021 our large conference in downtown Milwaukee was transitioned to the parish level which has enabled participation nationwide. You can live-stream the Men of Christ conference to your parish. We have all the resources to organize your successful local event.

You can’t give what you don’t have.

The Men of Christ mission is to Evangelize, Catechize and Unify Catholic men. We help men see the truly important things that are missing in their lives, educate them about the teachings of Christ and the church, and unite them with like-minded Catholic men. They’re able to receive, which enables them to give.

Dynamic Men’s Groups

The fire that the conference lights in the hearts of men continues to burn weekly in more than 50 Dynamic Men’s Groups led by Men of Christ conference participants. Learn more about Dynamic Men’s Groups and visit your affiliate to see the growing number of men’s groups and the programs they are hosting at a parish near you.

We’d be honored to have you join us as a Man of Christ.