The MEN OF CHRIST® apostolate is a movement,
and your local Dynamic Men’s Group keeps it moving.

We’re blessed to have many Dynamic Men’s Groups! Joining or starting a Dynamic Men’s Group in your parish will bring you a step closer to becoming stronger men, fathers, husbands and leaders. Nationwide, men are benefiting from these groups, so now is the time to take the next step. Could I join a group? Could I invite men to join my group? Should I start a group at my parish? Whatever your next action may be, the MEN OF CHRIST® apostolate is ready to help, so contact your local leader now, and feel free to contact your fellow local DMG leaders about the success of their parish groups. We have outstanding leaders who are always ready to help and share best practices.

When do local parish DMGs meet?

Dynamic Men’s Groups meet at the most convenient times for the men in their parish. Most groups meet weekly for an hour to 90 minutes in their parish centers or parish schools. Many meet for coffee and light breakfast as a start to the day. The groups usually follow a packaged program series, so organization is easy. We recommend programs such as That Man is You, Follow Me, Fit Shepherds, Word on Fire, or self-directed Scriptural discussions. There are many good programs that teach about our beautiful faith and build upon key messages each week. Men grow in their understanding of the Catholic faith, and more important, build relationships with other men of the parish. That spiritual brotherhood is more important than ever.

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