Join the growing number of men who are finding new life in Christ and becoming part of a strong, active brotherhood for Jesus.

Our Mission and passion is to develop men of Christ, who fight the good fight as husbands, fathers, friends and God’s ambassadors in the community.

Our Commitment is to ignite and equip all men within the Joliet Diocese, inviting them to encounter Jesus and become his active and intentional disciples. (Luke 9:23)

Our Work is to strengthen existing parish men’s groups and form new groups where none exist, providing vital resources, teaching, and training as needed and requested.

Meet Our Leadership Team

The MEN OF CHRIST® apostolate is a movement, and your local Dynamic Men’s Group keeps it moving.

Joining a Dynamic Men’s Group in your parish will bring you a step closer to becoming stronger men, fathers, husbands and leaders. Nationwide, men are benefiting from these groups, so now is the time to take the next step. We invite you to contact the leaders of the programs listed below, understand the format and the mission, and even volunteer to help. It’s 90 percent showing up, 10 percent work, and 100 percent about becoming a better man.

When do our Dynamic Men’s Groups meet?

A typical group meets weekly for an hour to 90 minutes. Most run one of the many excellent programs that minister to men including That Man Is You, Follow Me, Fishers of Men, Fit Shepherds and more. Expect a wide age range, fellowship and the beginning of friendships that will help bring you closer to Christ.

NOTE: Be sure to contact the men below to ensure the schedule is current, especially during the summer months.


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