Who is the Men of Christ Conference for?

We are seeking men who wish to deepen and renew their Catholic faith.

We want everyone! Whether you attend daily Mass or have fallen away from your faith, we know every man can be enriched by attending the Men of Christ Conference. Come listen to the powerful stories of conversion and repentance from our dynamic speakers. Browse the booths of the vendors, who sell DVDs, CDs, books, devotionals, and so much more, that can help refresh and enliven a spiritual journey. Return and repent through the sacrament of Reconciliation. Enjoy the fellowship of fellow Catholic men. Spend some time in adoration before the Blessed Sacrament. Submit yourself to the will of Christ.

We especially want to encourage fathers and sons to attend. Too often, we fall victim to the belief that all we need to give to God is an hour on Sundays. For you fathers, what better way is there to prove to your sons that you want to live your Catholic faith than by attending the Men of Christ Conference? Not only will you deepen your faith, but you will also strengthen the bond between father and son. We live in a world that discourages organized religion and seeks to destroy traditional Christianity. Show your sons how and why your faith is important by attending the Men of Christ Conference with them.

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