Men, in their own words, describe what Men of Christ means to them.

Audio testimonials – With special thanks to WSFI Catholic Radio 88.5 FM.

Written testimonials – The following are excerpts from testimonials sent in to menofchriststories@gmail.com. If you have a Men of Christ experience you’d like to share, please send it in to menofchriststories@gmail.com.

I drove almost three hours with four other men and two of our sons to get to the conference. What a great day of fellowship and opportunity to witness our faith, especially as as an example for the two boys. Thank you for another great conference. – Jonathon Burbach.

I was able to have three generations represented for the first time at this event making me a proud grandfather and father indeed. Met many familiar people and new faces as well…….the camaraderie is very important in this day and age (culture). We men need this support and to keep the power of the Catholic Faith alive. So thank you for once again for putting on a great conference… cannot wait until next year! – Gary Fichtner

It is always such a spiritually moving and motivational experience when I and my sons attend the Men of Christ conferences each year! I believe it has been 8 years now since I started going to the conferences. My oldest son is 20, and every couple years, as my children get older, I bring another of my 6 sons to the conference. This year, I brought my 5 oldest sons, next year I will be bringing my 6th and youngest son also, who will be 10 years old, so all my boys will be attending with me, God willing. As a father, I recognize the importance of raising my children in the faith, and strengthening their faith and mine as well. – Russ Glavin

It was day of affirmation for my son to see so many men who are willing to work at their faith development. He was also able to hear from someone other than his parents about the spiritual battle we face. – Stephen Hegarty

I am a member of a young men’s bible study in Waukesha and most of our group of 8 was able to attend both the Friday and Saturday conferences.  When discussing the conference with our group last night, many of the members commented how beyond the amazing speakers, the fellowship and networking with other young men filled a great void many of us had been looking for.  The entire experience helps to give great clarity to what may otherwise be difficult issues.  We all look forward to both of next year’s conference and other events in the intervening time. – Jared Marugg

It’s not about me and my ego, it’s about loving God through the Holy Spirit and helping as many people get to heaven as I can.  I also learned that I need to be like Jesus Christ for my family. This was my first event and surely not my last. – Dan Schulist

New outlook on prayer, put on your armor fella’s! – Randy Olejnik

First, it was great to have so many priests available for confession. When I heard the talk about joining the men’s group, it was very inspiring. We have had a That Man Is You group for six years, his testimony made me want to join a group again! – Joel Johnson

“I am a Men of Christ conference attendee for the last seven years.  It is my annual retreat. I started bringing my fourteen-year old son three years ago. The first two years were hard for him to sit through.  This year, he was genuinely interested, engaged with the speakers, felt a sense of belonging as a young Catholic man, and even volunteered to go to confession (without me prompting him).
Thank God for Men of Christ!”. – Matt  

In the present, I feel that manhood, the way that Christ intended it, is under attack.  You have to wear this, or you’re not a man, you have to go to the gym and have these bulging muscles or you’re not a man, you have to hook up and “get some” or you’re not a man, you have to go to college, party it up with drugs and alcohol or you’re not a man.  Now if you survive all of that, congratulations, you are a man.  Even though I grew up Catholic and continued going to church and on occasion, Adoration, I still felt that there was something missing.  Maybe you’ve been there, maybe you haven’t, but you know the prayer, “Lord, I’m feeling lost right now, please guide my life as you see fit,” or something like that.  And then He brought me to the Men of Christ Conference and in one day, I learned more about what it really meant to be a man than I had in my entire life. – Anonymous

To be a man didn’t mean that I had to be swift as a coursing river, carry the force of a great typhoon, wield the strength of a raging fire, or be mysterious as the dark side of the moon.  I didn’t need to have all these things or be popular or drink or party, no, real manhood is discovered through virtue and chastity and humbling myself for the sake of others and most of all, cultivating a relationship with God.  To be a man of Christ is to be a man of self sacrifice.  This answer that I sought wasn’t as good as all of the ones above: it was far greater because it calls us to be people who live for others and not just ourselves.  When I see the men I went on this journey with in public, I can only smile and look onward as I aspire to be like them as I seek to one day raise my own family one day, whether that family be the community, through priesthood, or my own in marriage – Weston Kramer

I invited a few guys (first timers) to the conference.  One for sure came and brought his 11 yr old son with him.  They had a very good day, enjoyed the speakers and the camaraderie with the guys from our parish (St. Jerome, Oconomowoc).  During the conference, he asked me, “you’re involved with the men’s group at St. Jerome’s right?”  To which I replied, “yes, I am!”  His response, “I’d really like to go next Friday…I’d like to see what it’s all about.” —Awesome!   So, I get a text from him yesterday, “Rich, could I get a ride to Men’s Group this Friday…since it’s still dark in the morning, I can’t drive due to an eyesight condition I have.”  My reply, “Yes, happy to with one caveat.  Are you interested in adoration from 5-6 a.m.?  I have adoration before men’s group at 6:00… He went with me that morning and had an experience that was unlike anything he had experienced before.  “I have never prayed like that before!  It was so quiet and peaceful and I felt like I could just pray…powerful!” – Anonymous

The following letter was forwarded to us from the Come Pray the Rosary website:

Fr. Dave-

I just want to take a moment to thank you for helping me rededicate my life in prayer through the Rosary. Since my later teen years, I hadn’t given praying the Rosary its rightful place in my prayer life. Too often I had felt like it was being “forced” on me by my father, as my parents were going through a divorce and things weren’t good at home. We were almost literally on our knees every night praying at Dad’s insistence, and in my youth I just didn’t understand and had managed to put a lot of distance between my Dad and me for a lot of reasons. I never really regarded praying the Rosary as a meaningful form of prayer.

That changed recently when a good friend invited me to a Men of Christ conference. It was a wonderful day of fellowship and spiritual enrichment. At five times throughout the day, we all paused to pray together one decade of the “Patriotic Rosary,” praying for our country as we did so. In the midst of around 3000 men, I could feel the power behind our prayer moving in me like almost never before. At one point, I stopped briefly because I felt something, and I truly believe it was my father’s hand on my shoulder as if to say that he was there for me and proud of me. I was moved to tears. Dad passed away after a battle with pancreatic cancer, and in his final months, I was able to put aside my differences with him and make amends with him. But it’s almost as if that reconciliation came to completion at the conference. I can now feel the power that I realize he felt in praying the Rosary all along.

I wanted to find a way to stay connected with this powerful devotion. Since the day after the conference, I have been trying to start every day praying the Rosary, led by you online. It has been a blessing to be able to participate in prayer with you and 100 or so others at comepraytherosary.org. I am so much more peace-filled in my hectic day! Thank you for your outreach! Please keep me in your prayers that I continue on this journey with God and our Blessed Mother every day. I am trying to listen to God’s voice to see what His plans are for my future. For the past few years I’ve been feeling drawn to the idea of becoming a Deacon, so part of my prayer now is for discernment in that regard. – Anonymous

If you have a Men of Christ experience you’d like to share, please send it in at menofchriststories@gmail.com. Please indicate if you wish your comments to be kept anonymous. 

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