Teens and Young Adults

What can a teenager get out of this Conference?

Too many teens have been told that Catholicism in boring and unimportant. In fact, your Catholicism is more necessary now than perhaps it ever was before. You will hear stories of loss. You will hear stories of suffering. But most of all, you will hear stories of renewal, repentance, and acceptance by Christ and his Church.

You will see other teenagers and young adultsThere is a tremendous amount of youth and vibrance at these Conferences. You will witness a father’s leadership in action. You will see that Catholicism is a daily commitment and not merely a weekend requirement. You will be forced to reexamine your commitments and relationships. But most importantly, you will witness the joy and happiness of a life centered around Christ.

We live in a world of relativism; a world where “anything goes.” A world where anything and everything can be accessed instantly. We need young people to be leaders in their schools, in their work, and in their relationships. We need Catholic young men to remind the world why Catholicism is still important.

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