Becoming Heroic Men of Christ

29 March 2025

A Hybrid Live Streamed Conference

The Men of Christ apostolate is a group of Catholic lay men from all walks of life who have come together to make a difference in this world by helping other men to live their Catholic faith boldly.

Get the man, get the family.
Get the family, get the community.
Get the community, retake the culture.

We strive to help men realize that they—as men—play a unique and critical role in God’s plan of salvation. We work to create an environment that enables men to build strong friendships—a band of brothers—who give each other the strength to serve and protect our families, our country and our Church in today’s great spiritual battle.

An apostolate of authentic friendship
called to create islands of sanity
to prepare for the coming storm.

We do this by re-introducing men to the power that comes from integrating the practices of Catholicism into daily life: prayer, the sacraments, scripture, study, and fellowship, so that the Holy Spirit can work in and through us to sanctify our culture.

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