A life rooted in virtue

Saturday 26 March 2022

The world needs men—and fathers—who live their faith boldly.

Welcome to Men of Christ®, an organization of Catholic men founded in 2006 with the goal of helping men re-engage in their Catholic faith, and developing deep and meaningful friendships with like-minded men. It all started around a kitchen table where four men envisioned an event where men could come together, learn from great speakers, disconnect from the secular world for one full day to experience the fullness of the Catholic faith and richness of genuine friendship. It would be a time for fathers and sons, uncles and grandfathers, friends and other Christian men who were seeking a deeper relationship with Christ. Our first conference was held in 2007, and every spring since during Lent.

Men of Christ has become the largest Catholic men’s conference in the country, drawing 3,500+ to its annual conference and bringing 2,000 men together weekly in local Dynamic Men’s Groups that keep the flame of the conference burning each week.

Kevin O'Brien answers a few questions about the 2022 conference!

We need strong Catholic men to stand up for what is right, to lead their families and parishes.

Our goal is to help form better men, because when you get the man you get the family. When you get the family you get the community. And when you get the community, you get the country. And this country needs a return to Catholic Christian principles like never before.

The world needs men—and fathers—who live their faith boldly.

Join the Men of Christ® movement—there are many ways to get involved. Most important, know that there are thousands of men just like you who have no stronger desire than to lead their families back to Christ through the richness and fulness of the Catholic faith. Live your faith boldly.